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  • I want to comment my lovely experience in the apartment in paris in june od 2011 :), i really love the apartment!!!

  • It's easy to find a suitable apartment on your website. Your service and quality are so good and always response quickly. We had a wonderful vacation because of your help. I will come back to Paris and you will always be my first choose.

  • Thank you for your service in organising our Paris apartment. The location and quality was very good and I appreciated the friendly and helpful attitude of Elena at Glamour Apartments.

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When traveling together with your loved ones, you should definitely opt for staying in an exclusive flat; it is the best choice for families with kids. It is clear that renting an apartment, in addition you get a balcony a comfortable kitchen plus a toilet. It is not much more expensive to cook food by yourself that purchase it or buy. Even if you decide on a studio type flat, it'll still be equipped with equipment and all the required utensils - a refrigerator, a sink, a range and so forth. Moreover, the innovative and original French designers like flats that are creative. You will receive aesthetic pleasure of living in that shelter.
Getting most of the conveniences with all the multiple members are appropriate. There are all range of flats suiting pockets and your comforts. All these are typical, standard and luxurious, high-end, and budget that is low. All of the studios are with the benefits that the company is organizing like the interpreter, individual guides, car with driver for the pick and drop facility to and from your airport to the destined apartments. The translators are professional and efficient enough together with the certification that will help you. So are the guideswho are capable in providing sightseeing that is wonderful.
Compared to hotel rooms flats for rent in Paris are broad and airy enough. Mostly, hotels have several rooms along a hallway and hence the sound coming from the adjacent rooms might affect you. Nonetheless, leased apartments in Paris offer you a lot more privacy to the residents. Additionally, it offer homey surroundings and thus you are able to rearrange your flat rooms to fit your lifestyle. As these types of accommodation have kitchen rooms, you do not need to stick to the hotel menu that is limited. Private meal can be easily cooked by you on your own and enjoy a great dine.
For living the wonderful life of Paris and enjoy all the sights with complete enjoyment staying there for log is demanding and you'd like to cover high but with most of the comforts along with seclusion of residence. Although there are resorts in huge amount in town but that are not meant for everyone. For the people loving solitude these frantic places aren't comfy. Devoid of any life that is disorderly the staying at the rentals flats is a better alternative.